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Trademarks Chicago IL

Trademarks Chicago IL

Your company name or logo is how your business is set apart from the others. Most highly successful businesses have recognizable trademarks. When you are starting or growing your business you want to make sure that you consider the use of trademarks in Chicago, IL.  A trademark will keep other companies from using a logo or name that is too similar to your own. You can avoid confusion and ensure that when you grow your company it will be distinguishable from others.

Tips for Choosing Trademarks in Chicago, IL

Trademarks and service marks are typically words, phrases, symbols or designs that identify your company. The trademark may include a combination of these items to create a logo that identifies you as a unique business. Trademarks are generally for products and service marks are for services. The administration of trademarks is overseen by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO.

Trademarks in Chicago, IL and elsewhere cannot be too similar to other trademarks. It is helpful to check online through the USPTO website to verify that your trademark is unique. If someone else is already using a mark that is similar your mark will not be approved.

It is important to ensure that your trademark is unique and that it conveys the message that you want people to understand about your product. A good marketing plan will help to increase the visibility of your trademark and make people aware of your company. You will likely want to utilize the services of an experienced graphic designer to create your logo or trademark.

Applying for a Trademark

Once you have chosen the best possible logo or mark for your company you need to apply for a trademark. The application process can be completed online or through the mail. While you can apply for a trademark on your own, it is often a complex process that is best completed with help from a qualified patent and trademark attorney.

Your attorney will assist you in the process and answer any questions you have about trademarks in Chicago, IL. It is important to submit the application and all of the documentation necessary to ensure that the process does not get delayed. In addition, your attorney will make sure that your rights are protected with the trademark and that you will be able to use your trademark without any problems.

You must include the appropriate application fee along with your trademark application. In general, once you apply for a trademark you can begin using the TM or SM mark indicating that the trademark or service mark was applied for. Once your trademark is approved you will be able to use the registered mark behind your trademark. The use of the trademark symbol is important because it signals to others that your name, symbol or logo is registered with the USPTO.

Once your trademark is approved you can use it with confidence. If you find that someone else is using the same or similar mark you can take legal action to stop them.



Trademarks Chicago IL
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