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Trademarks Buffalo NY

Trademarks Buffalo NY

One of the best ways that you can brand your business and become recognizable is with your name or logo. You want to set your business apart from all the competition by using a name or symbol that will become a representation of your company. Once you have the perfect name or symbol you need to protect it so that no other company will be able to use that particular mark. This is done with a trademark. Trademarks in Buffalo, NY are federally registered as a way to permanently link your company with the symbol or mark that you desire.

How to Get a Trademark

Trademarks are administered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Service marks and trademarks in Buffalo, NY can be extremely important to your company so it is essential that you choose them wisely and obtain the appropriate authorization.

There are some things to be aware of when choosing trademarks in Buffalo, NY or elsewhere. First and foremost, the trademark must be unique. It cannot be considered too similar to another trademark or it will not be allowed. Even marks that are not identical are considered conflicting if they convey the same basic meaning even if the mark itself is slightly different.

Trademarks fall into one of four general categories including fanciful or arbitrary, suggestive, descriptive and generis. The more unique your trademark is the easier it will be to obtain a trademark. You probably have some ideas for what you would like your trademark to look like. You will likely want to have your trademark created by a professional designer.

Before you can file for a trademark you should check to make sure that your mark is not similar to others that are already approved. The USPTO offers a free search tool that you can use online. They also provide information about how to search properly.

Filing for a Trademark

Filing for a trademark is a legal process which can be complex. While you can do so on your own, it is often best to seek guidance from a qualified trademark attorney. Your attorney will assist you every step of the way and will handle all of the legal issues associated with trademarks in Buffalo, NY.

There are several different trademark applications available depending on your exact needs. You can apply for a trademark or service mark online using the required form. You may prefer to file a paper application through the mail. It is important to include all of the necessary documentation as well as the application fee. You must adhere to the filing requirements or the application will be delayed and additional fees may apply.

Once you obtain a trademark you can use the registered symbol and if the process is not yet completed you can use the TM symbol for products or the SM symbol for services. If you find another company that is using your trademark you can take legal action against them to stop them from using it. Contact our experienced legal team to get started with the trademark process.

Trademarks Buffalo NY
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