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Provisional Patent Search

Provisional Patent Search

Bill Nowakowski: Providing Provisional Patent Search for Your Future Ventures

There is nothing wrong with presenting an idea or a creation to the world and being proud of it. The only downside is if your idea is not protected. Anyone can just take it for themselves, claiming ownership to something that is not originally theirs, to begin with. And let us not play around; a lot of people have been doing this nowadays.

This is where we, Bill Nowakowski: Patents, Trademark & Copyright, step in for the people. We offer services in making sure your planned business or brand is protected and that nobody can steal it from you. We want to make sure you will be able to expand those ideas with the guarantee that it is yours alone.

All About Patents

Having a brilliant idea for anything is great and having a patent to protect is as important. It is best to have a patent application in order to prevent others from stealing your idea. Its safety, its security should be one of your priorities.

Bill Nowakowski focuses on customer ideas and guidance to those who need to know more information about provisional patent search. It is your idea, therefore, you should be the one to reap the results of it, not others.

Provisional Patent Search Application

Bill Nowakowski gives customers the ability to make a patent application for their plans. It is provisional you’d be able to apply for a patent first than to lose your idea to some copycat.

By using thorough research, both here in the US and internationally, we are able to know the opinion of an attorney about the possible scope of property rights and the patentability of everything. Our company conducts research in order to determine the right documentation and patent that is needed by the customer and attorney.

These services are offered for a very reasonable price. You will be able to keep your ideas and secure it for a cheap price.

Your Idea’s Security is Our Main Priority

We respect and admire everyone who is brave enough to take a leap of faith and follow their dreams, plan for a big business venture or start another brand of clothes, shoes and other things. We are also a business and we understand how it feels like to want your own idea to be owned only by you.

As you may have spent some time thinking and planning everything, you should be able to receive the rewards of your careful planning. We want to help you out in making sure your business safe and also legal in the eyes of the law.

If you are considering doing business with us, do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer a free consult for fifteen minutes. If you want to make it an hour, we also offer a one-hour consultation for only two hundred and fifty dollars. Let Bill Nowakowski keep your ideas safe and original.

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